Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions apply to each delivery order and transaction – whether initiated by phone, online, or through a messaging system.

We do our absolute best to deliver excellent firewood to you every single time you order.  We want all of our regular customers to be very pleased with their choice of firewood provider, so if you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of our product or service, then your recourse is to choose an alternate source for your next delivery order that might be a better fit for your preferences.

If there are no stairs or inclines we are happy to stack your firewood for free anywhere on your property that is on street-level, in a single outdoor location, within 100 feet of the road, and directly accessible by a 33″ wide wheelbarrow – either on your existing rack, or directly on the ground.  There is a $30 upcharge added to your 4′ order ($60 on an 8′) if there are any stairs or inclines/declines between the street level, and where your firewood is to be stacked. The upcharge is also added to your order total if your stacking location is more than 100′ from the road.

There will be no refunds provided at any time, for any reason.

We test-burn our firewood to make sure it has the quality characteristics our repeat customers have come to expect.  If the fire is started correctly, then our wood burns beautifully every time.  The firewood we deliver comes from trees cut down 12-18 months prior, and split into firewood pieces shortly before delivery.  This process results in excellent firewood with a range of approx. 17-23% moisture content upon delivery.  This enables our customers to build a great fire that will not burn too quickly because it is not over-dried. If this is not the type of firewood you are accustomed to burning, some adjustment to your fire-starting process may be necessary.

With the substantial labor and time resource requirements necessary in quality bulk firewood production, and because of the nature of annual market cycles in this growing sector – the firewood we deliver from December 15 through March 15 is likely to have internal moisture content that’s on the higher end of our quality range.  This will be more noticeable If you burn your firewood indoors, so keep that in mind when you’re planning out the schedule of your firewood refill deliveries throughout the year. Since moisture continues to escape each night from both ends of the firewood pieces for several years, it’s recommended that our firewood be stored outdoors with the cut sides uncovered. Sign up with your email address today on our homepage for more helpful tips to keep your firewood experience reliably enjoyable.

Our entire operation is outdoors – from processing through delivery, and there may occassionally be moisture on the surface of our firewood when delivered if there has been recent rain, snow or frost. This does not affect our wood’s internal moisture content, and will evaporate quickly when exposed to sunlight and breeze.

Our 4′ stack is the exact amount that fits into our optional 4’ wide steel firewood rack that we sell. There is an airflow gap below the bottom rung of our rack, so it is not exactly 4 feet tall, and the same applies to our 8’ wide rack. Without a rack at your stacking location, your stack size is likely to be both wider and shorter than it would appear if you did have a rack.

Our system attempts to send you (via SMS) a delivery confirmation message when your order is loaded and on the way that includes your driver’s name, vehicle description, and estimated arrival time. We will not guarantee an exact delivery time because of the large number of variables that are beyond our scope of control such as traffic, construction delays, weather issues, equipment breakdowns, and other unforseen interruptions. We will work with you diligently to arrange a time for delivery that is convenient.

A mandatory $75 re-trip fee will be added to any orders for which a customer has requested changes after delivery. If the request is approved, then the re-trip fee will be payable to the driver. There is a $75 charge added to your order if payment is not made available to your driver immediately upon delivery.

If you order a firewood rack from us, your driver will be happy to install it on your property in an area that has a solid, flat, level surface.  You have complete responsibility for both your firewood and rack after your driver leaves. Several factors could cause your firewood stack to topple such as wind, shifting ground conditions, and more. If you choose to have it placed in an area that is unpaved, and if you are willing to assume the associated risks, then your driver will do his best to stabilize your new rack during delivery.  If your firewood stack ends up falling down for any reason, we are happy to schedule someone to come and stack it again for you at a cost of only $95. It is always recommended that you opt to have your rack installed on a secure foundation so that failures are prevented.

Firewood is a 100% natural product with a broad range of characteristics. The shape, color, moisture content, species and size of our wood pieces may have some inconsistencies and variation within an order, or across different orders.

We reserve the right to not accept, or to cancel an order if we determine that attempting to fulfill it could endanger the reputation of our organiztion, or the safety of our team members or equipment.

If you have located your firewood stacking area in a place on your property that is not accessible by a paved pathway, then our wheelbarrows, boots, and/or vehicle tires might create marks or indentations on your grass or other yard surfaces.

We reserve the right to photograph your stacked firewood order upon delivery, and use those photos in our marketing programs.

We reserve the right to use any written or typed feedback we receive from you (whether partial or in-full) in our advertising or web-based messaging activities – including your first name and location.

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